300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
January 29 – February 22, 2020

Come join us in the sacred motherland of Yoga.. India! We come together in sacred community to study the healing and transformative practices of yoga with this unique and spiritual based Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India.

Devarya, which translates to Divine Belief, is located in the heart of a serene seaside town in Goa – southern India. Devarya Wellness invites you to breathe, experience, and live the yoga life in this 7,000 square meter sanctuary and green yoga retreat.

This mystical yoga teacher training curriculum is influenced around Peruvian Shamanism, providing students with a unique and spiritually driven course that goes beyond just a certification. Called by the energy of the 5 elements and mother earth, we are inspired by the ocean, mountains, spirits, and each other. We invite you to come evolve on your spiritual and yogic path. On this profound journey, you will earn your Yoga Alliance 200hr certification. For information on continuing education, read about our 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

Example of Daily Schedule 

6:00-9:00 – Guided Meditation/Pranayama/Asana
9:00-10:00 – Breakfast and Self Sadhana
10:00-11:00 – Spiritual lesson/Intention of the day
11:00-12:00 – Yoga Sutras/Yoga Anatomy
12:00-2:00 – Snack and Self Sadhana
2:00-3:00 – Special Topics
3:00-6:00 – Art of Teaching and Art of Touch
6:00-7:00 – Dinner and Self Sadhana
7:00-8:00 – Satsang (Sacred Circle)

The essence of our Advanced 300 Hour Training

School Yoga Institute offers a cohesive, multi-faceted approach to teacher training that blends the best of the Yoga tradition from the East and the West. Our faculty is comprised of highly-trained, experienced, inspiring professionals with a profound understanding of Yoga’s transformative power. This course will help you define who you are as a yoga teacher and help you to develop your own voice. Graduation from a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour training is required. The coursework in this program is 300 hours and will qualify graduates to register with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

This 300-hour advanced training focuses on the expansion of your own sacred consciousness. We integrate the teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Ancient Wisdom Traditions in order to form a comprehensive, educational, and healing program. With an open heart and an open mind, this training will not only provide you with the tools to become a great yoga teacher – it will also guide and support you through your own transformation and evolution as a conscious being.

Our 300-hour program combines three paths: Yoga, Ayurveda, and Ancient Wisdom. We strongly believe that these three main subjects work in a creative collaboration to help individuals form their own unique healing path. Within this subject matter, there is something to inspire everyone. We understand that Yoga is vast and diverse, and we want you to decide what is healing for yourself.

What Makes this 300 hour program Unique?

This advanced training program offers a cohesive, multi-faceted approach to teacher training, blending the best of the Yoga tradition from the East and the West. This course will help you define who you are as a yoga teacher and help you to develop your own unique voice. With an open heart and an open mind, this training will not only provide you with the tools to become a more powerful yoga teacher – it will also guide and support you through your own transformation and evolution as a conscious being.
In order to form a comprehensive, educational, and healing program, together will explore Yoga, Ayurveda, and Ancient Wisdom. We believe these three main subjects work in creative collaboration to help individuals form their own unique healing path. Within this rich subject matter is something to inspire everyone.


Yoga translates as unity. Life is ever-changing, as are we. The true essence of yoga is an ongoing exploration and quest for unity. As we change, our needs change also. As the world changes, what our students need also changes. It is one thing to remember a sequence and teach a safe and effective class, but you must continue to do the work of personal development.
As the science and spirituality of yoga evolve, it is essential to remain a student of your craft and continually seek new insights and wisdom. An advanced professional yoga teacher stands out as a community leader, a healer, and a creative force.
In this 300 hour immersive course you will have the opportunity to assist, to create sequences, and to amplify your healing art in class. We will emphasize the importance of the art of touch, the art of teaching, sequencing, and finding your voice. There will be a strong emphasis on Yoga Therapeutics and how to view all yoga as a form of therapy. This lens will transform your teaching and truly give you the tools to be a space-holder and healer.

Ancient Wisdom

To guide the process of personal transformation we explore ancient texts such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Shamanism, Buddhist scriptures, and Native American texts. Using each of these paths as a portal, we will tap into our own source of creation and expression. Through our personal investigation and experimentation in the vast landscape of the sacred, we come to experience the wisdom and truth of these texts through personal reflection. These ancient discoveries live as wisdom to guide our actions in this world; learning enough to confidently share these teachings with others is a sacred gift.
Our trainings are arranged in four cycles, following the four cardinal directions based on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. We ask the guardian spirits to guide a cycle of release, understanding, growth, and finally, empowerment. Together we create a space that reveals our wisdom within and accelerates the realization of our life’s purpose.

A Day in the Life

During this advanced 25 day training, we ask participants to embrace all aspects of the yogic lifestyle, such as observing a vegetarian diet, living free from the distractions of other substances, and moving away from the internet and unnecessary communications with the external world. We ask for your dedication, commitment, and surrender, as well as immersion in our spiritual community for the duration of the training. Open yourself to what is there, leave all expectations behind and enter the enlightened perspective and sacred landscape of your training with an open heart – whatever comes will be exactly what you need.

What To Expect

From your unique School Yoga Institute 300 hour Immersion Program you will experience:

    • Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurveda as a lifestyle
    • Spiritual Immersion, Ancient Texts & Ancient Wisdom
    • Daily Yoga Practice
    • In-Depth Meditation & Pranayama Techniques and Practice
    • Yoga Therapeutics – Yoga & The Brain, Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, Trauma Informed Yoga, Trauma & The Subtle Body
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • Art of Teaching
    • Art of Touch
    • Sequencing
    • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
    • Medicine Wheel
    • Experience the benefits of cleansing, fasting, and silence
    • Experience and learn the beauty and ritual of holding a sacred ceremony, including but not limited to Fire Ceremony, Mayan Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Plants Ceremony, Letting Go Ceremony, etc.
    • Business of Yoga
  • Finding Your Voice through creative exploration

Required Books For The Program

Bhagavad Gita by Stephen Mitchell and The Power of Yoga by Nischala Devi

Core Curriculum

School Yoga Institute currently offers 2 unique 300-hour programs a year offering a focus of personal spiritual connection as a path to sharing spirituality.


Upon completion of the 300 hours of training, you can register will Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500. We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance which is recognized internationally.

Who Can Attend

The 300-hr course is open to people who have earned their RYT-200 through SchoolYoga Institute or other Yoga Alliance-Affiliated schools. This 300-hr training is a beautiful experience that is much more than just gaining your certification. As well as deepening your knowledge and connection with your Self and community, one of the main focuses of the program is an expansion of our own sacred consciousness.

The path will ask for self-reflection, growth, and discipline.

Individuals who have a long-standing practice of yoga and healing arts (minimum 5 years) but do not yet have an RYT 200 certification may be subject to exception. Please submit a letter to info@schoolyogainstitute.com to request an interview with our team to review qualifications. This is particularly geared toward those who are interested in deepening their yoga, spiritual, and healing art practice and may be beneficial to those who are not concerned about the RYT hours and certification.

Sense of Community

At School Yoga Institute, everyone is wholeheartedly accepted and encouraged. We create and hold space where participants feel safe and comfortable. We support the growth and expansion of people’s horizons — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. As a group, a community, a tribe, and an extended family, we practice and learn to let go. We allow the world to unfold before us without reaction or judgment.

Our intention is to guide aspirants through their own healing journey in order to better prepare them for healing others, letting go of anything that holds them back from what their hearts are truly called to. Together we unveil the true essence and sweet nectar of life.

Meet Your India Facilitator Team

Meet Anita

About Anita: Anita Sundaram’s life mission is living and cultivating a life of balance in serving others. The fabric that makes up Anita’s Yoga and Lifestyle teaching has been infused by the magic of her birthplace and the spiritual and healing lineage within her family. Born in Mysore, India Anita continues to draw inspiration from her mother and spiritual teacher Swamini Srividyananda, and offers gratitude to her father who spent his life in service to mankind as a medical doctor.



School Yoga Institute/Indra Yoga Institute registration will open soon. Contact us for more information at info@indrayogainstitute.com


We want you to be able to live your dream and offer 4 scholarships per training as well as 1 local scholarship. We also offer Payment Plan options. Learn more about scholarships here.

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